Birthday parties spent in an escape room are growing much more popular these days. It is a great idea to make escape rooms be one of the attractions on this very special day. We give you an opportunity to spend some time with your close ones in this very way. But for nothing to be  hidden or unexplained, we encourage you to read the text down below. We created it based on our experiences and the terms of use of our premises.

If you decide to organise your birthday party here, plan it accordingly earlier to make sure you will have access to our rooms, ones you very much want, meaning the faster, the better! 🙂 You can always check if the date you’re interested in is available on our website:

Also we recommend contacting us in that matter. We also have to be prepared for such an occasion.

 What if you want to celebrate before/after the game?

Most birthday parties can’t go on without a birthday cake, that’s obvious! If you’re considering a party with some food, it is possible under some conditions. Let us explain.

Before or after the game you can sit for a while, eat some cake and share your experiences, no problem. Make sure that you bring some disposable plates, cutlery and cups. Remember, the main course is our escape rooms :). We have a very comfortable lobby, which is perfect for singing a happy birthday song. Using our lobby for a  birthday party comes in the  following prices.

  1. weekday – 300PLN not longer than 1,5 hr
  2.  weekend – 360 PLN not longer than 1,5 hr

We provide a comfortable place for our guests, “making yourself  at home” and waiting for the game in great conditions. A situation where you won’t be our only guests may  happen. Please respect  the other groups’ game and don’t interrupt them :).

However birthdays are most often organized for children.

Urodziny w pokoju zagadek Warszawa

And here, too, there are no contraindications, however, one must follow the following strict rules:

  1. Children under the age of 15 must stay in their rooms under the supervision of an avatar*. This is due to the fact that the puzzles are too difficult for children. Sometimes even adults can’t handle them. The avatar will ensure that the children have fun and help them face the puzzles :).  The number of people in the rooms still has to comply with the regulations.
  2. To tame the volcanoes of energy, that children are, is a real challenge! The amount of stimuli provided by the escape rooms is extremely high. Everything is interesting, fascinating and certainly needed to solve the puzzle :). Avatars act as game coordinators. They will assess the children’s observations and provide the help they ALWAYS need.
  3. Kids can’t be on their own. This is the worst thing you can do to them during such a fun adventure. The avatar who will accompany the game will take care of its correct and safe course. Also he will  guide children in such a way as to encourage them to act and cooperate.
  4. And the most important thing at the end: don’t be late. It is bad for you in the first place. You are always informed to be approx. 15 minutes before the start of the game. It is especially important not to arrive late when you want to celebrate a birthday here. Of course, this applies to both large and small guests :).

These are tips and advices from us for you. We hope that thanks to this you will be able to organize surprises for loved ones without any doubts and putting us in a difficult situation :). We are here for you and we care about your satisfaction. But anyway, if you still have questions, write an e-mail or call us – we’ll help! 🙂

the avatar’s service involves an additional fee. A detailed price list can be found in the Regulations