Set in the 1920’s, mid-war times in Budapest, the story is a mix of a story of a crime and a touch of a love story somewhere in it. The way that the room is designed, abstract and unconventional, will challenge your mind and body.

Muveszet district, a part of old town Budapest is an artistic district thriving with life and filled with a magic. The upcoming Contest of Illusion and Magic gathers the brightest minds as well as the rich and influential people from all around the world, tempted by the International Illusion and Magic Society award. However, this year show is interrupted by a scandal. One of the most influential people from the district, countess Ereshvarosh is robbed during one of the shows, what causes unsettlement and controversy amongst the guests and the magicians themselves.

Young and charismatic illusionist is being accused of the theft and is tangled in a web of suspicions and plots. These things make his career more uncertain that it has ever been. His assistant is also the one being pointed as a primary suspect, so the unstoppable thought train and fear seems to have no end. As their friends you decide to waste no more time and find out what really happened in the theatre and who is responsible for theft, and what was the point of it…

wnętrze Teatru Magii i Iluzji