I. Terms of use

The following document regulates service delivery in MYSTERIOUS ROOM by MPZ INVESTMENTS CENTER sp. z o.o. stationed in Warsaw, describes rules stated in MYSTERIOUS ROOM and terms and conditions of the game regarding the use of an escape room.  Following terms of use also include information about publicity date and version number. Up to date version can be found on the website https://pokojezagadek.eu/ and by the MYSTERIOUS ROOM register.

By accepting the following terms of use or by using the services, the User accepts that the terms of use is bonding and requires to obey the rules stated in it. The user is expected to read the following. If user does not accept the terms of use, one cannot use the services provided by MYSTERIOUS ROOM.

The user states that is of legal age when using the services, , if not, is under surveillance of a legal guardian that accepts the terms of use stated below. In that case the User should read the following with mentioned legal guardian so everyone knows their rights and responsibilities.


1.1. The Service provider: MPZ INESTMENTS CENTER sp. z o.o. is the owner of MYSTERIOUS ROOM stationed in Warsaw by the Wynalazek 4 st., signed into the register of entrepreneurs of National Court Register, for which cases are judged by the Warsaw District Court, XIII Commercial Division under following numbers: KRS: 0000735841, NIP: 9512464279, REGON 380546167.

1.2. MYSTERIOUS ROOM – place of the service providing  located in Wynalazek Tower, Warsaw by Wynalazek 4 st. (02-677 Warsaw).

1.3. Game rules and Safety – collection of rules stated by the Service Provider, which knowing is a term of using the services provided, being the attachment no. 1

1.4. The User – person using the services offered by the Service Provider on terms and conditions stated in regulations below:

  • a. of legal age or
  • b. not capable of legal acts, with consent of legal guardian (consent form is the attachment no. 2a attached to Terms and Conditions). In case of a User being younger than 15 years old, one must be supervised by a legal guardian in the time of the service being provided by MYSTERIOUS ROOM.

1.5. Attachments:

1.5.1. Attachment no. 1: Game rules and Safety

1.5.2 Attachment no. 2a and 2b: the template of consent form for User not being in legal age, not able to do legal acts (file Z1, file Z2).

1.5.3. Attachment no. 3: Price-list

1.6. Other terms of use in MYSTERIOUS ROOM

1.6.1. Privacy Policy


2.1. Service provider against payment provides access to an escape room (further: “Service”).


3.1. MYSTERIOUS ROOM is open from Tuesday to Sunday in following hours:

Tuesday – Thursday – 1 PM – 9 PM (first slot is at 1:30 PM, last: 7:30PM)

Friday – 1PM – 10 PM (first slot is at 1:30 PM, last: 9 PM)

Saturday, Sunday, festivities – 10 AM – 10 PM (first slot is at 10:30 AM, last: 9 PM)

3.2. Using the Service in MYSTERIOUS ROOM is against payment accordingly with the Price-list (attachment no. 3) and on the website https://pokojezagadek.eu/

3.3. One interested in using the Service, especially one not of a legal age, as well as one’s legal guardian is obeyed to acknowledge the following Terms of Use and Rules before making the purchase and obey the rules stated in mentioned documents. People inside MYSTERIOUS ROOM are obeyed to follow any orders given by the MYSTERIOUS ROOM staff.

3.4. Users in the age of 15, not having the right to perform legal acts, before using the Service provided by MYSTERIOUS ROOM are obliged to deliver a form signed by one’s legal guardian for sole use of the Service found in attachment 2, file Z1. The form must be shown to the MYSTERIOUS ROOM staff and left by the register for the duration of the game. The User retrieves the form after finishing using the Service. At the Users request the form may be kept in the register for a longer period of time – after the term of validity, the document will be destroyed.

3.5. Minors in age 7 to 15 can use the Service only under the animator’s surveillance (Mysterious Room employee) for the whole duration time of the Service, which comes against additional payment of 130PLN per group/room.

3.6. Group not being in full capability of performing legal acts must be reported by the group’s guardian in the form Z2. Usage of MYSTERIOUS ROOM Service by such group can only happen under the surveillance and on the guardians own responsibility.

3.7. Purchase of the Service and allowing the User to use the MYSTERIOUS ROOM is tantamount with knowing and accepting the following Terms of Use, Game Rules and Safety. The information about the acceptance of the mentioned above can be found by the MYSTERIOUS ROOM register, in the case of online order, it is a part of the purchase.

3.8. Each time before the Service, MYSTERIOUS ROOM staff will explain the game rules and safety to the User, from which the User will make use of.

3.9. Participating in an “escape room” game is not advised to the people suffering from claustrophobia, epilepsy or in the duration of psychiatric treatment.

3.10. At the whole MYSTERIOUS ROOM premises, smoking and using e-cigarettes, drinking alcohol or using any drugs is strictly prohibited. Usage of MYSTERIOUS ROOM under the influence of mentioned above is completely banned.

3.11. The Users agreeing to a photo after the game, allow as well to post the photo at the MYSTERIOUS ROOM fanpage.


4.1. The User is responsible for any damage in MYSTERIOUS ROOM inflicted by the User caused by incorrect usage. The Service Provider is also entitled to request a fee for the damage which causes inability to use the equipment.

4.2. One responsible for damage of any other Users or third party people caused by Users omission, is the User.

4.3. The Service Provider does not take responsibility for any items left uncared in MYSTERIOUS ROOM. We provide key lockers in which the User may leave his  personal items, items of value and electronic devices such as mobile phones, cameras, tablets, laptops etc. for Users own responsibility.

4.4. The service provider does not take responsibility for impossibility or not complete Service due to events said to be force majeure (events that are impossible to predict) as well as events not being the outcome of poor business activity management by the Service Provider such as:

4.4.1. IT service failure;

4.4.2. continuous services delivery failure (Internet connection, electricity);

4.4.3. damage or devastation of MYSTERIOUS ROOM equipment by third party;

4.4.4. critical interior installation failure, software or hardware failure. In the occurrence of  force majeure The Service Provider will make any effort to make sure the User might use the Service in a different time.

4.5. For a lost locker key, the User has to pay a fee of 50,00 PLN.

5. RESERVATION METHOD AND SERVICE PURCHASE booking and purchasing the service is done through a widget provided by the Lockme website

5.1. Reservation and purchases can be done by a widget provided by the Lockme.

5.2. Filling a reservation form can be done in the “BOOKING” tab. You can do so by doing the following:

  • Choose the room you would like to play in as well the date and time, ,
  • Fill the form including your full and real personal information: Name, Surname, e-mail address, phone number;
  • Accepting the following terms of use;
  • Choosing your payment method;
  • then click „Book time”
  • if you make a mistake in choosing a room, day or time, click “Change date”
  • “SUMMARY” allows to view the current order
  • In “ADDITIONAL NOTES/TELEPHONE ARRANGEMENTS/VOUCHER CODE” slot you can put any information you would like the staff to know;

5.3. Reservation is considered done when the User receives the email  with the confirmation, which will be sent to the address given in the above form. The confirmation mail will include:

  • Name of the room
  • Date of the reservation
  • Time of the reservation

5.4. You can also book the room by calling the MYSTERIOUS ROOM in its working hours. Here also you will need to give us your personal information we require.

5.5. The User has a right to cancel the reservation afterwards, about which one should let the staff know by emailing or calling the staff at least 24h before the booked date.


6.1. You can pay for the reservation with cash, by card, by voucher at MYSTERIOUS ROOM or via Przelewy24 payment system.

6.2. If the User, who is making a reservation, has a Voucher authorizing him to play, he should select it as the payment method when making the reservation.

6.3. The prices indicated on the Website are gross prices including VAT in accordance with applicable regulations.

6.4. All prepaid transactions cannot be canceled. If the buyer is unable to make use of the purchased Service within the specified period, he may change the date of providing the Service.


7.1. The Service provider is obligated to hand over the purchased Voucher to the User at the MYSTERIOUS ROOM premises and to accept it for execution at MYSTERIOUS ROOM.

7.2. When buying the Voucher, the User is obligated to pay a price equal to the nominal value of the Voucher.

7.3. The Voucher can be used only at MYSTERIOUS ROOM.

7.4. The Voucher cannot be refunded and exchanged for cash.

7.5. MYSTERIOUS ROOM is not responsible for the Voucher, which was lost or damaged after handing it over to the User.

7.6. The User who owns the Voucher is not entitled to have any claims against MYSTERIOUS ROOM in case of losing, theft or damaging the Voucher.

7.7. Vouchers which were purchased stationary are valid indefinitely.

7.8. The User who owns the Voucher is obligated to book a date of using the Voucher via https://pokojezagadek.eu/ website.


8.1. MYSTERIOUS ROOM personnel is responsible for maintaining order in the premises area and reacting in situations that may threaten any personal well-being of the user.

8.2. MYSTERIOUS ROOM personnel have the right to verify personal data of the User (including age) and to refuse entry to an underage User who does not have valid consent of his procreator/legal guardian.

8.3. Users are obligated to follow the instructions and guidelines of MYSTERIOUS ROOM personnel, including those ensuring safety or preventing improper conduct when using the Service.

8.4. Video surveillance is used on the premises of MYSTERIOUS ROOM to ensure the safety of Users and to protect people and their property. MYSTERIOUS ROOM personnel have access to recordings from surveillance cameras. The administrator of recordings is the Service Provider, and the basis for the processing of this data is the legitimate interest of the Service Provider. Other information regarding the processing of personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy attached to the Regulations.

8.5. In the event of non-compliance with the Regulations for the delivery of services, behavior harmful to any personal rights of other Users or damage to the property of the Service Provider – the User is obliged to leave MYSTERIOUS ROOM immediately after a prior warning addressed to him by MYSTERIOUS ROOM personnel.

8.6. In the case indicated in point 8.5. The User will not receive a refund of the fee paid by him for the Service or Additional Service.


9.1. The regulations for organized groups apply in parallel with the MYSTERIOUS ROOM Regulations.

9.2. We define an organized group as a booking of two or more rooms.

9.3. If you want to get an offer for an organized group, please contact us by email. 


10.1. All arrangements regarding personalized Services should be made by e-mail or by phone with MYSTERIOUS ROOM personnel.

10.2. Organizing a birthday party for children is possible from Tuesday to Thursday.


11.1. Complaints related to the execution or improper execution of the Services should be reported in writing to MYSTERIOUS ROOM personnel. The service provider also allows the possibility of submitting complaints in electronic form, by sending a complaint to the info@pokojezagadek.eu email address. The service provider will consider the submitted complaints within 14 days from the date of its receipt. A response to the complaint will be sent depending on the method of its receipt, in the form of a registered letter (we take account of date of postmark) or by an e-mail (we take account of date of sending an email).

11.2. The complaint should contain: name, surname, exact address of the User/email address, the date and place of the event to which the User’s claim relates, a detailed description of the event and the content of the request.

11.3. The Service provider’s decision on the subject covered by the complaint is final, however, this does not exclude the User’s right to pursue unrecognized claims through court proceedings.


12.1. In matters not covered by the Terms of Use, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.

12.2. Due to the fact that it is necessary to process the following personal data in order to execute the Services properly:

  • for booking a room: name, surname, e-mail address, mobile phone number,
  • or booking a room by an minor: name, surname, date of birth of the minor; name, surname and legal guardian’s phone number

The Service provider becomes the administrator of personal data. The User and his legal guardian consent to the processing of their personal data for the purpose necessary to execute the contract and future contracts between him and the Service Provider. The administration of personal data is regulated by the privacy policy.

12.3. The Service provider is entitled to take photos, film and stream images indicating the use of MYSTERIOUS ROOM by Users. These materials will be published on the Service provider’s website, Facebook profile or other content carriers in a manner consistent with applicable law.

12.4. These Regulations do not exclude the introduction of additional regulations, for example: regulations of events/parties/promotions.

12.5. Disputes between the User and the Service provider arising in connection with the delivery of Services by the Service provider shall be settled by the common court appropriate for the seat of the Service provider.

Attachment no. 1: Game rules and Safety


1.1. The Escape Room game is an experience designed to entertain and provide positive emotions.

1.2. Each User starts the game knowing that following the rules is necessary to ensure satisfaction with the game and complete safety.

1.3. The Service provider seeks to carry out its commercial activities while respecting the health of Users for whom it provides Services.

1.4. The Service provider is not responsible for any consequences or complications arising from the use of the Services.

1.5. By booking a Service in MYSTERIOUS ROOM you accept the Terms of Service and these Game rules.


2.1. The User is obliged to follow the MYSTERIOUS ROOM instructions and guidelines.

2.2. To use the Service, it is necessary to appear 15 minutes before the booked time.

2.3. The delays will shorten the time of using the Service.

2.4. The size of the group depends on the selected room (2-5 people). Choose the right room – adapted to the size of the group.

2.5. The game lasts 60 minutes in The mystery of Mayan temple and Who is Max Winckler and 90 minutes in Magician from Muveszet district.

2.6. The User making the reservation is obliged to inform the other group participants about the rules.

2.7. It is forbidden to use force solutions and climb the furniture and furnishings in the room.

2.8. The place is monitored, participation in the game is tantamount to accepting this fact.

2.9. Before using the Service, each game participant is obliged to leave personal belongings in the cloakroom and electronic equipment in a lockable cabinet.

2.10. The rules of the game can be changed without prior notice.


3.1. Users are ensured full safety during the game: the rooms are monitored, equipped with a communication system with personnel, the doors remain open for the entire time of the game.

3.2. All MYSTERIOUS ROOM rooms are equipped with emergency door opening systems (in case of power failure, players feeling unwell, fire).

3.3. Escape routes from the rooms and from the premises, in accordance with applicable regulations, are of the appropriate size and clearly marked, equipped with emergency lighting.

3.4. There is an adequate number of fire extinguishers at the premises, a fire protection switch, H25 hydrant and instructions for use.

3.5. In emergency situations, it is mandatory to submit to the personnel of the premises in order to carry out an effective evacuation action.

3.6. It is forbidden to participate in the game while drunk or under the influence of other intoxicants.

3.7. The game is not recommended for people suffering from claustrophobia, epilepsy or undergoing psychiatric treatment.

Attachment no. 2a:

Zgoda na skorzystanie z usług MYSTERIOUS ROOM przez osobę nieposiadającą pełnej zdolności do czynności prawnych (osoba niepełnoletnia powyżej 15. roku życia)- DRUK Z1

Attachment no. 2b:

Zgoda na skorzystanie z Usług MYSTERIOUS ROOM przez osoby nieposiadające pełnej zdolności do czynności prawnych (osoby niepełnoletnie powyżej 15. roku życia)- DRUK Z2

Attachment no. 3: Price-list

Tuesday- Thursday: 190 – 300 PLN 

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, holiday220 – 340 PLN

Live cam escape room: Tuesday- Sunday25€/ person, up to 6 invitations

Weekdays voucher (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)250 – 300 PLN

Weekend voucher including Fridays280 – 340 PLN

Avatar service130 PLN for group/room

Lobby rental during the weekprice list and time determined individually

Lobby rental during the weekend: price list and time determined individually

The prices of the Services may change depending on current events and promotions.