Our absolute priority is you having fun in our rooms. In our projects we make sure that adventures you live through here are full of colour, vibe and puzzles of course. But for all that to take place we must be certain that you are safe here. We’re doing this for you, but also for ourselves. For those wanting to know what safety measures we take, here is some information.

Newly built Mysterious Room in Warsaw is filled with all necessary safety measures. From the very start everything was controlled by the local Fire Department, meaning the place is free of any danger or  formal irregularities. That means you are safe here and we have it on paper. to make sure everything is clear, we made sure to flag everything accordingly, to inform our clients that they’re safe here.

It is so, because:

  1. Before the game, we talk about the game rules and safety with the participants.
  2. The game is constantly being monitored by the game masters, participants also can contact them via intercom.
  3. Players can end the game anytime and leave the room.
  4. Our place has all necessary fire prevention systems and specially prepared safety instruction.
  5. Escape routes are marked and equipped in emergency lighting.
  6. Our employees are trained in OSH, first aid and fire prevention.
  7. We periodically conduct evacuation dry runs.
  8. We do not use any dangerous goods: sharp, toxic objects, explosives, and electronic puzzles base on a safe 12V current.
  9. For the participants safety and comfort we are not restraining the player, we are not using stroboscopes and the rooms are not dark.
  10. Scenographies are made out of high quality materials, we avoid sharp scenography elements.

Sanitary precautions

We’ve been clean as a whistle since our beginning. Even before the new everyday reality hit, we liked to keep our place nice and clean using professional cleaning agents in both our rooms and the whole place. Now – having additional sanitary prevention in mind, we crank up our habits to meet the requirements. More details HERE

szkolenie z zakresu środków bezpieczeństwa w lokalu