June 15th 2015 was a very special day, not only for the player but for us as well. On that very day, the first Urban Playgrounds under Mysterious Room flags played out. Back then we already knew that we’re going off the deep end, yet we were just starting in the escape room brand. But there we went! Stunning response! That game, that day has a very special sentimental value for us.

All of that happened in Łódź of course! For the players it was an amazing opportunity to know the city better in every inch of it. And the purpose, royal and lofty: help to restore the lost powers of the superhero guarding the city for ages. Little people got to know him, yet lesser has seen him, but the story goes that he used to possess great superpowers! Who is he? The answers were hidden in various missions, in which only the bravest took part. Eventually the Superheros’ identity was discovered at the game finale. His name was Julian. Violet cape gratefully flaunting, and very intensive turquoise and yellow.. shorts!

Photo shoot of hero: Platin Studio

To love Łódź, appreciate it and be delighted by its beauty, look for the details hidden in architectural monuments, to take a peek inside hidden alleys, which hold a magical touch- that was the games’ objective :). Julian came back to his powers and somewhere, up there, he sits and watches over things. And those are going quite well 🙂

Photoreportage: Nox Studio