The mystery of Mayan temple is a room with many journey related puzzles, full of mysterious symbols, which are the key to accomplish the mission. Players need to cooperate, be careful and perceptive.

A well-known archeology professor leaves the country in a hurry in order to deal with his private matters. In his university office he leaves some clues you will need to solve a mystery he was working on for some months now. It is connected with a golden figurine, which was stolen from a temple located deep down in an Amazon jungle many years ago. It needs to return to its original place. Help complete his mission!

The livecam version was awarded in The Best Adventure Theme category as part of The Bullseye Award 2021, organized by ESCAPETHEROOMers – enthusiasts of escape room entertainment, traveling around the world for this attraction. They have over 500 visited rooms – in person and online in over 30 countries and the platform they create is the only place where you can find reviews in the form of blogs and vlogs, describing their experiences and adventures in a factual and analytical way.


uniwersytecki gabinet w pokoju Tajemnica świątyni Majów