Gift an adventure!

We know from our experience that an escape room voucher is always a great gift. Seriously, always. That’s why if you are looking for an original and offbeat idea, you want to make sure  that the gifted one will have great fun and amazing experience, a voucher to one of our escape rooms is a great choice! You can purchase it in our stationary spot or via our webstore! If you still own a voucher purchased in Łódź, or you’ve been granted one, but were unable to use it, well… Come to Warsaw :).

Stationary Vouchers

Vouchers can be purchased locally in the Mysterious Room in Warsaw. There are two variants available: a week and a weekend one. Week vouchers can be used from Tuesday to Thursday, Weekend ones are an option for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and festives. Vouchers purchased locally have no expiration date!


e-Vouchers can be purchased electronically via our webstore*Same as it is for stationary vouchers, two variants are available. e-Vouchers have an expiration date, 12 months from the date of purchase.

vouchers online

*Webstore is only available in polish for the time being and the currency we accept is PLN.